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The Bed Buddy "Wedge" Cell Phone Holder
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The "Wedge" is made to be the best smartphone stand   , cell phone stand.  We combine fleece, foam and functionality for your android, smartphone, cell phone, iphone, ipod, mp3 or mp4 device.  A universal cell phone stand investment to improve funtionality and add some personality to your mobile world.  Why worry about putting your cell phone or mobile device on surfaces that are dirty, sticky, abrasive or downright nasty?  Instead, place it on a mobile phone holder,  universal cell phone stand constructed of super soft fleece and foam. 

The "Wedge" makes a great cell phone accessory.  By combining the softest of fleece and foam to increase functionality and keep your mobile device safe and untainted, while remaining easily viewable, allowing for hands free operation. With the "Wedge" you have a desktop phone stand which you can easily move and use in any location and protect your investment and eliminate worries of having set your mobile phone in a puddle of unknown liquid.  The best mobile phone holder, iphone cradle, desktop phone stand that you can use in a plethora of settings, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, home office, while at work or even while traveling.  

In addition, the "Wedge" cell phone stand can facilitate additional uses which give easy hands free enjoyment of your smartphone investment -

  • Watch late night video's in bed 
  • Hands free while listening to music, surfing or streaming
  • Easily monitor alerts of emails, texts and web activity
  • Cell phone stand for your device while not in use

The "Wedge" is the best mobile phone holder, iphone cradle, universal cell phone stand, mobile phone accessory to help you care for your smartphone investment.

 As a custom product, it makes a great gift for co-workers, friends and family too!  Each "Wedge" is a handcrafted, custom way of expressing one's pesonal taste. Give a gift which adds personality, utility and functionality to its recipients life. 

Protect your smartphone investment with the "Wedge" and give yourself the full benefits of hands free operation.  We're confident that you will agree, that this handcrafted universal cell phone stand, made of ultra soft fleece, foam and functionality is far superior to a counter, table top or other surface which may or may not have sticky, grimey goo awaiting to assault your smartphone investment.


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