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The "Wedge" Smartphone Stand - iphone cradle

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The "Wedge" Smartphone Stand - iphone cradle

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The Wedge Tie Dye Smartphone Stand

 The Bed Buddy is a custom cell phone desk stand constructed of two of the softest materials known to man, fleece and foam.  When placing your device on flat surfaces becomes unacceptable, The Bed Buddy is there as a mobile device holder.  Iphones, ipods, ipod classics, ipod touchs, ipod shuffle, ipod nanos...  all lounge comfortably on The Bed Buddy "Wedge". Your android smartphones will find The Bed Buddy "Wedge" to be smartphone desktop accessory unparalleled by other accessories on the market.

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The Bed Buddy combines ultra soft fleece with soft foam, to create a fuzzy, cuddly, custom, one of a kind, cell phone desktop accessory.  Treat your iphone, ipod, or smartphones with the care they deserve on a bed of non-abrasive fleece.   It is the merging of low technology materials and high technology devices which results in our custom mobile device holder and smartphone desktop accessory ideal for hands free operation.  Give the support and accessibility you need and deserve, while using, storing or charging your mobile device, cell phone, iphone, ipod, smartphone, pda, mp3 or mp4 devices. 

Our mobile world requires a mobile solutionThe Bed Buddy offers an alternative and superior mobility with our ultra lightweight combination of fleece and foam, giving easy use and enjoyment - HANDS FREE!  Experience it at the home office, work desk, nightstand or while traveling!  While texting, surfing emails, listening to music or watching a video
, The Bed Buddy  gives you a furry non-abrasive surface to easily view and use your mobile device and enjoy the modern wonders of communication and entertainment. 


The Bed Buddy Wedge

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No matter what cell phone, smartphone or electronic media device choice you have made, The Bed Buddy will make the perfect fit and add functionality to your office or by your bed on your nightstand. Just like you have a base pad lounge at home, your mobile device needs a cell phone accessory to allow for better accessibility and function.  And what better way than with a cell phone accessory stand constructed of fleece and foam.  Ideal for traveling, The Bed Buddy "Wedge" base pad lounge is portable enough to be a carry on and used on a pull down tray.

No worries of airport scanners, bulkiness, or extra weight - fleece and foam are not on the no-fly list.   Lightweight in every way, it can be stashed in the smallest of compartments or bags and will never break or over complicate your traveling itinerary.   A base pad lounge, which can even serve in an emergency as a mini pillow, to catch those layover "Z's", you would otherwise miss out on without The Bed Buddy!  Be at ease while your ultimate universal electronic media device stand supports and serves as a mobile device home for your iphone, ipod, ipod classic, nano, smartphone, cell phone, pda, mp3 or mp4 player on a cozy bed of fleece and foam

 Hercules and the "Wedge" smartphone cradle
Hercules gives his endorsement for The Bed Buddy cell phone desk top accessory stand, smartphone lounge, base pad lounge, while relaxing in front of the fire, keeping track of his Facebook friends! 




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