About Spinninfree Productions LLC

Spinninfree Productions LLC , based in Bellevue, Washington, has been in operation since November 2010.  Our primary product is The Bed Buddy.   An idea which emerged from the use of Apple ipod products and a need to have somewhere soft to place it while in use or stored.  Our original “Classic” was the result, and was made for those who use the Classic Ipod, but can also be used for cellphones.  Our second product offering is the “Wedge”, which has been designed to accommodate both ipods and smartphones.  We have dubbed it the “smartphone lounge”.  Both the “Classic and the “Wedge” are constructed of fleece and lightweight foam to allow for ease of use, durability, portability, washability, indestructibility and generally a soft cozy platform to place your electronic devices on when in use or awaiting its next use.

We have grown from there to now include some affiliate marketing, for products which are of great interest and impact to our daily lives.  We hope to expand our horizons and product offerings as the walk of life presses forward.

We are currently working on additional products under The Bed Buddy trade name and look forward to their eventual introduction.

Spinninfree Productions LLC is also parent to my alter musical muse business venture, which at times I’ve called “Adrenalized Scrumtrulesence“. It is primarily a compilation of solo work I’ve done, which combines my guitar work with some interesting video footage – which I deem as being provocative or generally awesome enough to create a soundtrack to and hopefully generate an inspired music video in the end. Making use of the home studio tools, I will generally make a vidget in about an hours time – thus, the quality of some of my creations is lacking, be it audio or video, or some squeaker notes which slip through on occasion. My goal is to eventually have a studio with some better high end creation tools which will offer a better aural feel and overall superior quality to these vidgets I’m currently producing.

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