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The Wedge

Wedge's doing what they do best - Lounge

The Bed Buddy “Wedge” offers many alternative fabrics and designs which make for some fun and unique ways to express your tender love for your cell phone, mobile devices and smartphones. We continue to search, find and embellish upon our basic model and presentation of the “Wedge” with embroidery and sport team themes.


As an alumni of the University of Utah, I’ve found enjoyment in finding designs of some of the Runnin Utes fleece available. Additionally, as I have delved further into the sports fabrics available, I’ve been enthused to find some great mascot graphics, logo designs and color combinations which make for some very cool looks for The Bed Buddy “Wedge”.

What I’ve found in creating this simple but useful little product, is that it offers itself to a plethora of creative variations, both from a fabric stand point and an embroidery stand point. The options are fairly limitless when it comes to colors and fabric patterns available. Then, when you introduce embroidery, the possibilities, combinations and permutations are veritably limitless. The hard part is deciding what embroidery designs to place on fabrics which would be receptive and enhance the aesthetics of the “Wedge” best.

One of our newest, and I believe,  greatest uses or applications for The Bed Buddy “Wedge”, is in the business promotion and sales premium arena. As I have considered where and what market to target, I turn to our recent sales to local businesses who have seen the value of having a promotional item which when given to a client, serves as a business card which they see and use every time they use their mobile device.  Now, I realize that The Bed Buddy is among the most low technology items out there, but, as an item which adds functionality and utility to your high technology devices, and then communicates  your name, logo, or business presence – it is uniquely qualified as being in a league of its own.

Morris Management Promotion

Be seen every time your customers use their phone!

We look to the future with  great anticipation of further growth into business promotion.

When it comes to sports, we’ve just begun to tap into the possibilities of high school sports, NCAA colleges and Pro teams.  Embroidery brings even more diverse and unique possibilities with it – and we plan to begin offering a wider array of teams and designs for sports fans who wish to have a desk accessory which shouts their support and engages the emotions of true sports fans.

Wolverines Wedge

A true fans way to show their colors


1960's flashback Wedge

Sometime you just have to have some color!

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